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No.1 Classic Series


A singular product. Millions of possibilities.

Let’s get this out of the air — ana tomy is made for individuals who break the status quo. They have an eye for the unique. A taste for the less conventional. Which is why we’re bringing a new era of mass customisation right from the beginning. Create your ana tomy. Who’s in?

Detachable Cover

Attach. Detach.
Let the cover
follow you around.

Depending on your perspective, our latest covers offer an extensive palette of colours with specially imported book cloth materials. They are exuberant, exclusive, and expressive.

Available in

Basic EditionLeather Edition

Thoughtful Paper Design

Flexible, considerate insert paper design.

Make it a notebook, planner, sketchbook, journal, or a recipe book. It can be anything you want it to be. The insert papers now come in a toned-down bluish light grey colour to reduce the distraction as you write. We believe it should blend right in and not to outshine your content.

Interchangeable Elastic Band

Swap the elastic band for different looks.

Setting new standards in modularity. The elastic band is now interchangeable as you see fit. Available in 20 colours, it’s ready to make your life a whole lot brighter.

A5 Slim

Just the right size for the right one.

Measured in 135mm x 210mm. Slimmer than an A5. Designed to retain portability and its sleek outlook. Carry everywhere you go, no fuss.

Interchangeable Ribbon Marker

Ribbon markers,

Does more than just marking your important notes. It packs with an urban personality waiting for you to make it yours. Choose from a variety of colours — pick one or up to 3 ribbon markers to make it totally unique. Totally you.

Adjustable Pen Loop

Pen loop. Just got better.

Features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment with reinforced lamination for better strength and scratch resistance. Perfect fit for any pen sizes.

Twin Loop Wires

Wire-o, always separated.

Intentionally separated to ease the comfort of your writing experience. Move from left to right, right to left, or any direction you want.

We believe progression is better than perfection.

We say no to almost 50 prototypes. The Nº1 Classic Series was born out of relentless rejections and continuous improvements. And that’s our dedication to progress.

Refillable Papers

Refillable insert papers.

Finished writing? You no longer have to get a new book. Just get a refill — better for the environment, better for your pocket.

Paper Specifications

Sustainable papers.

FSC-certified papers, O.B.A. free, acid-free, alkaline buffered, archival quality, and the list goes on. When it comes to ecological papers, we strive for a balance of thickness and performance. The result: very little bleed-through to almost no bleed-through at all. There is no best paper, only the most suitable.

Front & Back Pockets

Pocket now comes in twins.

One at the front, another one at the back for all your trinkets and treasures, or small accessories from paper clips to cards to sticker tabs.

Reusable Packaging

Looks good. Totally reusable packaging.

It’s not hard to understand why we do that. Reduce, reuse, and at the same time remain the pleasure of unboxing. Our reversible and reusable packaging is the answer to that.


It was an honour
to be recognised.

Good Design Awards Australia 2019

DFA Awards Hong Kong 2020

Which ana tomy Book is you?

Compare all editions

Trio Book

All-in-one notebook from the get-go.

You want a notebook for everything from to-do listing to note-taking to planning. You enjoy the flexibility of a thread-bound book with our interchangeable ANA booklets mechanism. If you think this is your kind of all-rounder, the Trio is made for you.

Cloth wrapped hard cover or leather cover
Cloth wrapped hard cover or leather cover
Interchangeable elastic band
Interchangeable ribbon marker
Twin pockets
Adjustable Pen Loop
208 pages
Refill comes in 3 individual books
Total lay flat binding
Choose up to 3 types of paper

Customize now


Made for your 6-month adventures.

You’re quick and decisive, with a tendency to multitask. You know what you want, plan to carry it around for the next six months of adventures, and completely fine with getting the refills in a stack. If this all sounds familiar, the Wirebound is made for you.

Cloth wrapped hard cover or leather cover
Cloth wrapped hard cover or leather cover
Interchangeable elastic band
Interchangeable ribbon marker
Twin pockets
Adjustable Pen Loop
≤ 180 pages
Refill comes in a stack
Separated twin loop wires
Choose up to 6 types of paper

Customize now
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