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Who's Your Daddy?

Published on
26 May, 2020


Papa Coach

Ambitious, goal-driven, motivator — just a few ways to describe dad who pushes you towards your dreams. He may seem strict but deep down he cares the most for you.

Pick these insert papers
Section 1: To-do List Section 2: 12-Month Undated PlannerSection 3: 5mm Grid with CM

Papa Coach needs his To-Do List to keep track of his tasks. Best to be accompanied by a Monthly Planner to mark up the important dates for him to check from time-to-time. 5mm Grid pages would be great for him to write down notes on-the-go.

Old-school Dad

He has these old photo albums that he kept safely in his cupboard. He plays vinyl on the weekend while sipping his hot tea in the evening. He never stops saying “I love you” to your mom and brings home flowers for her with or without a special occasion. Oh, you have to see how his eyes light up when he tells you the stories from yesteryears. He probably has an old soul but a very kind heart.

Pick these insert papers
Section 1: Habit Tracker Section 2: 7mm Ruled with Red LinesSection 3: Plain

Habit Tracker would be great for him to track his daily habits or to even adopt new habits along the way. Ruled with Red Lines and Plain inserts are perfect for him to journal his stories of the past to be accompanied by some photos for looking back.


Masterchef Dad

Don’t you thrive that the food prepared by your dad tastes so good? (Sometimes better than moms’ :P) He experiments with many different cooking styles just to serve that delicious meal for you. He is loving and never gets tired of giving the best for you.

Pick these insert papers
Section 1: 53-Week Undated Planner (Horizontal) Section 2: 7mm Ruled with TimeSection 3: Recipe Journal

He can use the Horizontal Weekly Planner to plan his days while juggling between his professional life and his passion to cook for his family. He definitely will not run out of space to note down his extra notes and tips on the Ruled with Time inserts. Recipe Journal is the perfect match for this Masterchef Dad to jot down his food creations and pass it down to his kids.

Daddy Cool

“I wish my dad was like yours!”, is what your friend once told you. He sings his heart out to rock songs, he can just talk to you like he’s one of your friends — from the gadget, technology, celebrities to current viral topics; you name it and he knows it all (and ahead of us too!). He is a friend everyone wishes to have. Just love the way he stylishly wears that leather jacket — he looks good in it. He is your cheerleader and your shoulder to cry on.

Pick these insert papers
Section 1: 53-Week Undated Planner (Vertical) Section 2: 5mm Dotted with CMSection 3: 300gsm Watercolour (Cold Pressed)

Daddy Cool needs his Vertical Weekly Planner to plan his daily activities. He can use the Dotted pages to write any important notes or tasks that needed to be done on that day. 300gsm Watercolour Paper would be a nice addition for him to express his creativity.


Super Dad

Sometimes you wonder if he ever gets exhausted from his crazy routine. While sometimes you wonder if you could handle the responsibilities like he does, effortlessly. He’s an early riser, always dressed smart, despite his busy schedule, he’s always there for his family. He is hardworking, caring, and a strong pillar in the family.

Pick these insert papers
Section 1: Annual Calendar & Year PlannerSection 2: 53-Week Undated Planner (Horizontal)Section 3: Meeting Journal

Annual Calendar and Year Planner is important for him to plan and keep track his everyday routine. Best accompanied by a Horizontal Weekly Planner to balance his time at work and home. Meeting Journal would be a perfect addition for him to note down of the discussion held.

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