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FNF – Janejira Taechakampu

FNF – Janejira Taechakampu

Meet Janejira Taechakampu - A Bangkok-based illustrator. The pen name ‘Jentwo’ comes from her double nickname Jen-Jen. She draws black-outlined forms and uses a vibrant color palette. Her works are inspired by retro collectibles, oldies music, and traveling. The former clients are Today at Apple, The Washington Post, WIRED Japan, and many more.

Photo by @jen.two

ana tomy x Janejira Taechakampu's FNF cover story 
"As a museum lover, I'm constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration and creativity. I drew a picture of a room filled with all sorts of different sources of energy and creativity, such as books, music, art, and more. This picture serves as a reminder to me that inspiration is all around us, and that sketchbooks are the perfect tools for capturing those moments of inspiration and turning them into something tangible. Let's use sketchbooks to capture the ideas and unlock our full creative potential.”

Janejira Taechakampu's Pick


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