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FNF – Irin Ariyatanaporn

FNF – Irin Ariyatanaporn

Meet Irin Ariyatanaporn - A Thai architect and illustration's doodler who's passionate about variety of design disciplines (architecture, graphic design and murals art). Most of her illustrations are based with building's geometry , doodle lines and sometimes sea creatures. The character that mostly pop up through her social media is called " MR. DOLP " , her imaginary dolphin friend.
Photo by @irin19
ana tomy x Irin Ariyatanaporn's FNF cover story 
The concept behind this cover is to combine the stuff and technique I like all together. My work is all about buildings and doodles so I put the idea of having a light doodle contour at the background to create an interesting pattern. Building as the foreground, arrange randomly for fun. I want the book to be a bit vibrant so the color combination is yellow and blue. Also, Mr. Dolp, my imaginary friend , surfing on one of the contours is something I always hide in most of my work. :)

Irin Ariyatanaporn's Pick


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