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Meet Przemysław Sokołowski – a full time-designer and illustrator who left his studies in architecture to pursue his current profession. Przemek has been interested in graphic design since his high school days but wasn’t sure if graphic design would be his ‘way of life’. 

Published on
22 September, 2022


During his architectural studies, he was interested in the Polish Poster School and Polish Illustration. It became the main factor that made him pursue 100% for illustration and design.

Today, Przemek loves getting inspiration from all over the world (mostly through Instagram and travels). In his works, he is usually inspired by nature, movies, scenes from life, and loves injecting humour in his craft.

ana tomy x Przemysław Sokołowski’s FNF cover story

The cover is connected with Przemek’s surname: ‘Sokołowski’. ‘Sokol’ means ‘falcon’ in Polish. Because of this connection, the artist likes putting some accents related to the subject of birds in his works. In Poland, the artist claims that they have a saying about people who have very good eyesight – they’re ‘falcon-eyed’ (meaning that they have bright and keen eyes, just like a falcon!)

To sum up the design, the artist has this to say:

“There is a guy with a falcon head (me?) on the front. He has a planet and a diamond in his hands – it symbolises that he is consistently delivering premium stuff with universal quality. There is a falcon’s eye on the back too. I love tomatoes, so there are some tomatoes on the back cover. I like the star shape, so there are a few of those too.”

Przemysław Sokołowski's Pick

trio book

Elastic BandBLACK
Ribbon MarkerPowder Blue
Insert PapersA-Book: 12 Month Undated Planner (48 pp.)

N-Book: Plain (112 pp.)
A-Book: To-do List & Habit Tracker (48 pp.)
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