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Meet Noémie a.k.a Limistic – an illustrator and designer with an overflowing imagination. Graduated in artistic direction, she explores mediums and does not hesitate to invest her creativity in different techniques such as painting, coloured pencils, digital drawing, ceramics or even photography and video. Inspired by nature and the world around her, her art captures the marvellous things in everyday life and transcribes them into a colourful universe – a bit poetic and always comforting.

Published on
22 September, 2022


During his architectural studies, he was interested in the Polish Poster School and Polish Illustration. It became the main factor that made him pursue 100% for illustration and design. Today, Przemek loves getting inspiration from all over the world (mostly through Instagram and travels). In his works, he is usually inspired by nature, movies, scenes from life, and loves injecting humour in his craft.

ana tomy x Noémie Hay’s FNF cover story

In the words of the artist:

“This year I challenged myself to do more illustrations with traditional art techniques. My favourite is gouache paint which allows for a matte finish with vibrant colours. Thus, I was able to make lots of small paintings of vases and flowers, subjects that inspire me a lot and which represent my creative universe particularly well. I wanted to take one of his paintings as the main element of my cover by adapting the colours.

The shades selected are the ones I use the most on a daily basis in my different illustrations. The leaves of these flowers are also a pattern that I reproduce a lot. This type of plant does not actually exist but I like to cross the figurative of my drawings with what comes out of my imagination. The edge of the cover takes up elements that I include in all my illustrations or almost and which make it possible to recognise my style: 8-pointed stars, flowers and curls.

Finally for the back of the cover, I imagined something reminiscent of stickers because I stick them on all my sketchbooks, I found it funny to integrate them directly. These are fun little designs that echo the clay pin’s that I was able to create this year and which I really liked. Just below I wanted to write in French “a little poetry” because it is a sentence that follows me in my creation.

The final cover corresponds to me 100%, it fully represents the visual universe in which my artistic practice evolves!”


Noémie Hay's Pick


Elastic BandRoyal Blue
Ribbon MarkerPINK
Twin Loop Wire
Insert Papers100% Cotton 300gsm Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper (16 pp.)

Plain (120 pp.)
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