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Meet Kathy Lam, originally hailing from Hong Kong, she currently resides in the UK and has obtained a BA in illustration from the University of Brighton.

Published on
7 July, 2022


Kathy loves painting adorable but grotesque animals with a sense of black humour to provide laughter for her audiences and herself. In 2015, she created her own shop – Dawning Crow, in an effort to sell her art pieces online.

ana tomy x Kathy Lam’s FNF cover story

In the words of the artist: “Everyone have their own missions, but no one knows what missions the cat has got.”


Kathy's Pick

trio book

Elastic BandBEIGE
Ribbon MarkerBLACK
Insert PapersA-Book: To-do List & Habit Tracker (48 pp.)

N-Book: 7mm Ruled (112 pp.)
A-Book: Plain (48 pp.)