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Meet Jayee Lim – an illustrator from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia who’s currently working as an Art Director at Loka Made Gallery. She’s passionate about creating characters and building IPs. In addition to graphic illustrations, she also creates a series of short stories of Monkiddo and makes designer toys.

Published on
4 April, 2023


During his architectural studies, he was interested in the Polish Poster School and Polish Illustration. It became the main factor that made him pursue 100% for illustration and design. Today, Przemek loves getting inspiration from all over the world (mostly through Instagram and travels). In his works, he is usually inspired by nature, movies, scenes from life, and loves injecting humour in his craft.

ana tomy x Jayee Lim’s FNF cover story

This design is inspired by and recreates a scene where everyone is crowded at the train station, ready to clock-in to work. The entire platform was very noisy and experienced heavy traffic. People clung to each other for support in the intense rush.

So-so is walking in another direction, trying to escape the crowd and find another way out. Find your own path, and shine your brightest light, explore every possibility and be who you truly are.


Jayee Lim's Pick

trio book

Elastic BandLILAC
Ribbon MarkerYELLOW
Insert PapersA-Book: 7mm Ruled (48 pp.)

N-Book: 5mm Dotted (112 pp.)
A-Book: 5mm Grid (48 pp.)
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