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He is a designer and a coffee enthusiast based in Singapore. By day, he work as a product manager in a tech company. While he may not be a trained barista, coffee has always been a central source of inspiration for his creative endeavours, particularly for his project, Fablenaut.

Published on
15 April, 2024

Can you tell us more about you and what you do?

I'm a designer and a coffee enthusiast based in Singapore. By day, I work as a product manager in a tech company. While I may not be a trained barista, coffee has always been a central source of inspiration for my creative endeavours, particularly for my project, Fablenaut. My journey with coffee began during my time in design school, when late-night submission deadlines became the norm. Coffee started out as a necessity to keep me awake, but it quickly evolved into a love affair with the rich flavours and aromas, thanks in part to the incredible coffee scene here in Singapore.The characters and their quirks in Fablenaut are heavily influenced by the behaviour and passion of coffee enthusiasts I've encountered in my surroundings. It's fascinating how the style culture and community surrounding coffee can be so rich and diverse, and I wanted to capture that essence in my work.

Every artwork tells a story. What inspired your cover design, what narrative or message are you conveying through your cover design, and can you share the creative process that led to its final form?

Conversations over coffee:
This cover design draws inspiration from the vibrant friendship shared between Liam, Mia, and Neil over coffee. Through their shared love for coffee, the design aims to capture the essence of their friendship and the unique dynamics that bind them together. The cover showcases the Fablenaut Trio's quirky enthusiasm for engaging in lively conversations over cups of coffee. One of the features of our cover design is its interactive nature. The cover is made interactive by encouraging users to experience different perspectives of the trio's conversations by flipping the notebook cover. This decision stemmed from our desire to invite readers into the heart of the story, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the characters' world.

Mia’s coffee stand:
This cover design portrays the relaxed and enjoyable moments shared between Liam, Neil and Mia at her own coffee stand. The cover conveys the message of friendship, warmth, and the simple pleasures of life shared over the love of coffee and style.By depicting the characters in their favourite corner at Mia's Coffee Stand, we invite readers to experience the cozy atmosphere and sense of belonging that the trio enjoys during their time together.The notebook transforms into a mini coffee stand when opened. This interactive element allows readers to immerse themselves fully in the world of the story, bringing to life the familiar surroundings and cherished moments of the characters.

How does creativity connect to self-expression for you?

Practicing creativity is a lot like being a chef. Depending on the ingredients you have, what kind of dishes will you whip up? Those decisions will demonstrate how you think and communicate, ultimately shaping how the world perceives you and your work.That's why, in addition to mastering the craft of art making, it's important to constantly explore new ingredients. With quality ingredients, your individuality will infuse the content and create something unique. In my career, it's always been about discovering new recipes for great work that can push the boundaries of what I've already achieved.

How do you define your individuality as an artist, and in what ways does this uniqueness manifest in your creations?

As an artist, I'm all about showcasing my daily experiences, especially those I've soaked up living that cafe lifestyle. You'll find my work jam-packed with scenes straight from the cafes I hang out in.From the buzz of a hectic morning coffee rush to those chill cafe moments in the late afternoon, my art captures all the feels I've soaked up. I'm all about those little details, like the sound from the espresso machine, the steam swirling off a fresh cup of coffee or the laughter bouncing off the walls.I love sharing these genuine experiences through my art. It's like inviting people into my world and saying, "This is what it's like to chill and enjoy a coffee with me." I hope my works bring a smile to those who've had similar experiences and maybe even spark some new ones for those who haven't.

In your perspective, what role does creativity play in empowering individuals and communities, and how have you witnessed this power in action?

I see creativity as the secret sauce for empowering people and bringing communities together. I've always been a big believer in how it can take an idea and give it some serious oomph, making people sit up, take notice, and maybe even take action. Take the whole sustainability scene, for example. I've seen some seriously cool content out there that's making being eco-friendly downright trendy. Think flashy videos, funky artwork, and catchy slogans that make recycling and reducing waste seem like the coolest thing since sliced bread. What's even cooler is how this creativity is hooking in the younger crowd. It's like a whole new generation is getting jazzed up about saving the planet and doing their part. And it's all thanks to the power of creativity making the message hit home in a way that's fun, relatable, and downright inspiring.

Have you faced any challenges in maintaining your individuality in your work, especially in the face of trends or external expectations? How did you overcome them?

I'm constantly seeking ways to enhance my content and stories, and sometimes it's tempting to draw from someone else's works. However, I've learned that staying true to myself and tapping into my own experiences is where the identity of Fablenaut lies.When I find myself veering off course, I know it's time to recalibrate. That's when I make a conscious effort to seek out new experiences—whether it's exploring a new cafe, experimenting with different coffee brewing methods, or engaging in conversations with fellow coffee enthusiasts. These endeavours not only rejuvenate my creative spirit but also serve as a reminder of the unique perspective I bring to my work.

What advice would you give to emerging artists who are trying to find and express their individuality through their work?

My advice is to start by digging deep within yourself. Take the time to reflect on your own unique traits, experiences, and perspectives. What sets you apart from others? What inspires and drives you? Understanding and embracing these aspects of yourself is key to developing a distinct artistic voice.Additionally, I encourage emerging artists to expand their intellectual horizons by immersing themselves in various forms of art, music, literature, film, and other creative outlets. Exposing yourself to diverse influences can help you discover new techniques, styles, and ideas that resonate with you personally.Don't be afraid to experiment and push boundaries in your work. Allow yourself the freedom to explore different mediums, themes, and approaches. Embrace mistakes and failures as opportunities for growth and learning.Above all, stay true to yourself and your vision. Don't feel pressured to conform to trends or external expectations. Your authenticity is your greatest asset as an artist, and expressing your true self is what will ultimately set your work apart and resonate with others. Trust in your voice and let it shine through in your creations.

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish this year?

This year, my main goal is to ramp up my content creation and explore more collaborations within my creative community for Fablenaut. I'm eager to dive deeper into my passions and share them with others through various projects and partnerships. Additionally, I'm excited to take the leap into creating my own merch, allowing me to push the brand further and connect with Fablenaut friends on a more personal level. And lastly, I want to visit more cafes around the world!

Where can we see more of your work?

Follow me on Instagram @fablenaut!

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