Check off all the things you’ve done.

01. Bring a shopping bag

Plastic bags are not biodegradable — you and I should have known it by now — and it means mother nature can’t help to break it down into the soil. They usually end up ravaging animal habitats or polluting the waterways. Why not use a cloth or canvas bag when you do grocery shopping?

02. Shop local

Shop at local farmers markets and buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

03. Reuse

Reusing old items help protecting the environment too! Glass containers can be used for storing food or other items. Get a refillable ana tomy notebook and reuse the notebook cover. It’s about finding alternative uses for items so that waste can be reduced.

04. Grow your food


Having your own garden is a great way to eat organically. Avoid genetically modified foods, and reduce the need for polluting farming equipment and substandard irrigation methods.

05. Bring along reusable water bottle, lunch box, and cutlery

Keep a set of silverware at work along with a plate, bowl, and cup that you can wash and reuse. Skip the plastic straw altogether or buy reusable metal ones instead.

06. Unplug unused electronics


Even unused electronics can suck up energy. Unplug rarely-used items to reduce energy consumption and it saves on the electric bill. It’s a win-win.

07. Adopt a house plant for cleaner air

Add a plant to your home for a healthier breath of air. It’s also considered one of the most effective indoor air purifiers for removing common toxins.

08. Pick up trashes (even if it isn’t yours!)

Notice all of the trashes on the sidewalks? Take a moment to pick it up and throw it in the trash, or recycle it. Make it a habit on your walk to work. Bring a bag with you to fill with trash or simply drop it in the closest trash can. If everyone picks up a couple of pieces of trash each day, the world would be a much cleaner place.

09. Take shorter showers


The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater, which eventually end up in the ocean.

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