Nº5 Canary Series Money Clip


  • 100% Genuine Cow Leather
  • Two-tone Colours
  • 110mm (W) x 87mm (H)

Personalisation: Initial Stamping (Gold)

Maximum 3 Roman characters (including spacing). Uppercase characters (A-Z) only.


Nº5 Canary Series Money Clip

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Money Clip

The Money Clip is specially designed for you who are looking for a minimal, ultra-slim wallet. Designed with two curve card slots and a centre money clip, it does not come more minimal than this.

This is a minimal yet elegant leather wallet with aesthetically minimal design of contrasting colours and beautiful texture. You can also see the use of the geometrical shape of the circle as the design of the pockets.

Money Clip
The centre of the wallet is anchored by a sturdy stainless steel money clip, which can be easily snap-opened and closed for accessing the notes.

Two-tone Colour Curved Pockets
When you open the Money Clip, it has two contrasting colour, quarterly circled pockets that seem to open up internally. These pockets hold multiple cards. Although they look like opening up internally, there is no issue holding multiple cards securely and yet maintaining easy accessing of cards. These two card pockets are the main geometrical elements in the overall aesthetic design of the Money Clip.

Make It Personal
Why settle for ordinary while you can make a difference. Make it entire yours by opting for a free initial stamping. Maximum 3 roman characters.

RFID Protection
We use RFID protection fabric lining to finish the interior of card pocket to guard RFID activated cards such as Visa payWave or contactless card from unwarranted skimming and cloning.

Haircell Leather
Made from haircell leather – corrected smooth leather with a hair cell impression. It has fine hair cells that are visible to the naked eye.

Ultra-slim Portrait Form Factor
This Money Clip differs from the conventional wallets as most wallets are designed in a landscape format. This Money Clip is made to align with the design language of our Non-Wallet, which uses a portrait format to hold all the cards vertically. Our goal is to make ultra-slim and small enough wallet to fit comfortably in pocket and easy to carry around.