Nº1 Leather ‘Blue’ A5


  • High-Quality Genuine Leather Cover
  • Concealed magnetic closure
  • Built-in pen loop
  • Pocket for your phone
  • 85gsm Italian made ecological paper
  • Detachable cover (refillable)
  • Interchangeable ribbon marker

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Name Personalisation (Gold)

Maximum 10 Roman characters (including spacing). Uppercase characters (A-Z) only.


Nº1 Leather 'Blue' A5

Config Product

Over 9 million design combinations. Unleash your creativity. Create from scratch!

Visit our ‘Book Creator’ for full customisation experience.

‘Book Creator’ is a proprietary visual configurator we developed for our customers to customise our products with ease

Leather Cover

Made of 100% genuine leather (haircell leather) – corrected smooth leather with a hair cell impression. It has fine hair cells that are visible to the naked eye.

Responsibly sourced paper
  • 85gsm Italian made ecological paper
  • FSC-certified
  • ISO 9706 (Long Life)
  • O.B.A. free and acid free
  • Archival quality
  • Completely biodegradable and recyclable

We tested our papers rigorously

We chose high-quality insert papers for your notebook. It is soft in texture, cream in colour, smooth to touch and most importantly, fountain pen, gel ink pen and ballpoint pen friendly. Through meticulous testing, it has proven to excel at writing performance with no visible sign of bleeding.

Enter your name for monogram

Your name will be stamped at the position shown in the picture, which near the edge of the book in a vertical format. Neat and elegant.

Unique Features

What's new in All-new Classic Series (Leather)
Concealed magnetic closure

Featuring the custom-designed magnetic closure to make sure your notebook or planner is kept securely, it is ideal for everyday use as opening and closing became rather effortlessly.

Built-in pen loop

Taking our signature pen loop and make it better. It is now built-in and completely made out of genuine leather.

Pocket for your phone

Access your phone without opening up the notebook. Just slide it out, take your call or send a text. Otherwise you can just use it to store something else.

Reduced twin loop wires

A double looped wire is fed through the punched holes and then crimped to secure the pages. The loop has been reduced further to ease the comfort of your writing experience and allow you to work on both pages at once. It is designed for the left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous alike.

Stickers for indexing

In addition, every ana tomy notebook comes with an index sticker which you can paste onto the spine, and a name sticker for your name, title or the date you began using it. You can easily divide the notebook into sections or mark the important pages.

High-Quality Genuine Leather

Made from haircell leather – corrected smooth leather with a hair cell impression. It has fine hair cells that are visible to the naked eye.

Made to order, individually crafted personal notebook

Nothing exists until you place your order. From covers, insert papers, down to securing it with a band, you are the master of your own creation.

Make it personal

Add a name monogram to make it unmistakably yours. The name will be positioned near the flap opener in a vertical format. Neat and elegant.

Reversible & reusable packaging

More than securing your customised notebook or planner in place, this packaging is designed to be repurposed as a storage box to archive your notebook inserts. Simply label the year and title for your safekeeping.

Experience our 'Book Creator'.
Make it yours, the way you like it.