Traveler’s Company Brass Label Plate

Classiky: Letterpress Label Book (Brown)

Classiky: Letterpress Label Book (Brown)

USD 7.00
Midori CT Roll Sticker (Ticket)

Midori CT Roll Sticker (Ticket)

USD 9.00

USD 19.00

A quaint and elegant brass label plate for beautiful memories. With a double-sided sticker back, the label can be stuck onto your notebook cover, or on boxes and folders holding gifts or personal belongings.


To give it an extra touch of class, you can even sew it onto leather goods or book covers by passing a thread through the holes.


Like all brass goods, the copper within the brass oxidises over time and may develop verdigris, similar to rust. This is simply a unique characteristic of brass and is completely harmless, and is even said to make it even more attractive. But no matter, if you prefer its original glossy finish, simply give it a quick buff with some metal polish and voila! Good as new.


Brand: Traveler’s Company
Size: 4.4 x 1.8cm
Material: Brass
Origin: Japan

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Traveler’s Company

Traveler’s Company is the name behind some of our favourite stationery items including the Traveler’s Notebook, their Brass Products, Spiral Ring Notebook and other related products. A part of the Midori parent brand, Traveler’s Company has been inspired by the travelling that one experiences every day. Thus, they’ve embarked on their own to create beautiful products that accompany us on our journeys and enrich our everyday lives.

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 127 × 56 mm


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