Loves in a dozen.

We say more the merrier. 4 designs, 3 each, made up to a total of 12 Raya packets. Such design can only come about in a meticulous process. Embossed vertical lines separate the structure into distinctive segments, each of which is joint by the long, horizontal, foiled blocks to render the intricate interlocking loops of a ketupat. The result is a wonderful juxtaposition to the tones and texture of the papers.
4 unique packet designs, 3 pieces each, total 12 pieces in the box.
Make your gift truly special with add-on monogramming name.

Make a mark.

Make it unmistakably yours or for them with monogramming name on the gift packaging. Can be brief wishes, a catchphrase, or a personalised initial.
We find the idea of sharing words and sentiments really heartwarming.

Space for your epic pantun.

Part letterpress, part foil-press wishing well card for your personal message or epic pantun you have been harbouring to share. Sending blessings to the loved and deserving ones in an old-fashioned way made all the difference.

Gift for you (or them).

A box full of colours and lovely sentiments for the most special people in your life—considered you have the gifts all sorted out. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the Raya together.
An all-in-one limited edition gift set designed to foster meaningful relationships.