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Saddle stitch binding

Pocket size
90 x 133mm

48 pages of pure writing pleasure

90gsm acid-free paper made in Italy

Grid guide sheet included

Printed ruler on back cover

The story of 555 notebook

This simple, unassuming 555 notebook is certainly an integral part of our childhood growing up in Malaysia.

Before computers came into existence, many of us used these notebooks to record transactions, tontine money (which is illegal), appointments, phone numbers, birthdays, and other essential reminders. One notable significance is when moneylenders come hounding while waiving it at the business owners to pay off their debts.

This 555 notebook is truly a Malaysian thing. It means different things to different people. It is interesting to see how this simple notebook resides in many pockets many years ago, and it has faithfully contained our dreams, hopes, and struggles to make a living.

Tactile 555 Logo

An unparalleled approach to relive the legend pocket-size notebook. We take it to the next level visually with premium hot stamping and embossing finishing.

Grid Guide Sheet & Bookmark

Draw or write like a master. Align your drawing or writing with this handy 5mm grid guide sheet, or simply use it as a bookmark.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Instead of using saddle binding, we enhanced it with the saddle stitch method. This means better binding quality without the worry of the rusted staple.

It’s a Ruler

A printed ruler on the back cover. Bring it where ever you go, measure what ever you want.

48 Pages of Writing Pleasure

It’s the identical paper we used in our Classic Series. Quality assured.

For the geek

86gsm ecological paper made in Italy

O.B.A. free and acid free

Long life, won’t yellow with age

Completely biodegradable & recyclable

Detail that matters

Tested with almost 100 types of papers sourced around the world, we landed on this lightweight, high performance and versatile Italian paper. We have concluded that thick doesn’t always mean better. It is the equilibrium of value and quality.