Specially made for your Trio Book or Wirebound Clothbound Book

Step 1: 
Remove the papers, ribbon markers, and elastic band. Tuck the front cover into the sleeve.

Step 2: 

Repeat the same with the back cover. And your book should be perfectly aligned with the dedicated cut-out holes.

Step 3:  Attach the elastic band to the back cover through the cut-out holes.
Step 4:  Carefully secure the gold crimp of the elastic band into the back pocket.
Step 5:  Attach the ribbon marker.
Step 6:  Align the pen loop to the dedicated opening. Pull it to the end. Ensure the elastic band’s gold crimp is placed right underneath the pen loop.
Step 7:  Tuck the pen loop into the protective sleeve and back pocket cut-out opening.
Step 8:  Finally, tuck in the front cover to the sleeve.
Step 9:  Voila. You are done!
Please identify your cover version from the diagram below.
With back pocket only (Not suitable)
With front & back pocket (Suitable)