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A card for your dearest friends. 365 days. In fact it’s 366 days.

A notecard. A bookmark. An art print. And a birthday card with a matching button badge.

For the 366 birthdays. Mix and match from the 12-month button badges and 31-day bookmark notecards to personalise the date of birth. Send together with a personalised note.
Use it as a bookmark. Brimming with funny—also pretty dark—humour mixed with thought-provoking scenes from the Peanuts and his gang. Use it as a bookmark to mark your important notes and a space for thought.
Frame it! Letterpress printed with the 1960s German vintage presses. Each card is meticulously printed, one sheet and one colour at a time. Framing it is like keeping a piece of the history, tradition, and stories of letterpress. 

31-Day button badges. Each day documents memorable moments of The Peanuts Gang. Wonder what’s the story for your day of birth?

Happiness is…The Peanuts™ Gang.

Charles M. Schulz— The cartoonist behind Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang—who had single-handedly drawn some 18,000 Peanuts comic strips.
Meet The Peanuts™ Gang— On October 2, 1950, Charles M. Schulz introduced a brand-new comic strip with an unlikely round-headed hero, “Good ol’ Charlie Brown.” PEANUTS was born. Soon, readers came to know and love a whole cast of indelible young characters: philosophical Linus and his crabby big sister Lucy; piano-playing Schroeder; attention-grabbing Sally; pals Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Pigpen and his famous dust cloud. But no one stole the show quite like Snoopy, the coolest beagle on the planet.