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Made with hair cell calf leather

Pebble Texture

Lychee texture leather

RFID Protection

RFID Protection for unwarranted skimming & cloning.

External pull-out slot for up to 6 cards

Hand Pressed Monogram

Handpressed monogram

Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet

Fit-Flat Bill Notes

3 money tabs — Holds your notes perfectly without the need to fold them, providing easy handling and access to your notes.

Pull-out Tabs

External pull-out slot for cards (holds 5-6 cards) — provides easy access to your cards without the need to open the wallet.

Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet
Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet

Magnetic Closure

With easy-to-open magnetic closure, taking out and putting back your notes no more of a hassle. Friendly to magnetic stripe cards.

RFID Protection

We use RFID protection fabric lining to finish the interior of card pocket to guard RFID activated cards such as Visa payWave or contactless card from unwarranted skimming and cloning.

Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet
Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet

Haircell Leather

Made from haircell leather – corrected smooth leather with a hair cell impression. It has fine hair cells that are visible to the naked eye.

Small Form Factor

Designed to have a small form factor to fit comfortably in pocket and easy to carry around.

Nº5 Canary Series - Non Wallet