Hand-wrapped clothbound cover

A5 slim
135 x 210mm

208 pages fully guided planner

100gsm acid-free paper made in USA

Front & back pocket for your ephemera and cards

Lay-flat binding for pure comfort writing

In collaboration with

Crunch by Nuffnang

Crunch is a community-driven platform by Nuffnang Malaysia. They focus on sharing self-development content touching on both personal and career; inspiring young Malaysians to be the best versions of themselves.

Have big ambitions and dreams, but find it difficult to stay focused all the way till you achieve them?

Crunch’s fully guided goals planner will take you on a journey to discover what truly matters to you, realign what your priorities should be, and take you through the necessary steps to see through your long-term goals and ensure you achieve them.

Table of content

1. Mantra

2. Core Values

3. Vision: Goals With Purpose

4. What Does Success Look Like?

5. Prioritise: Do More Or Do Less

6. Long-term Goal #1-6

12. Journal: Gratitude

13. Journal: Stress & Anxiety

14. Journal: Lessons I Learned

15. Journal: To Greater Things Ahead

14. Thought Board

Your Mantras

Oftentimes after creating a goal, it can be normal to find yourself falling back along the way. Hence, with creating any goal in mind, it’s always important to know what inspires and motivates you; allowing you to be constantly reminded of your purpose to stay calm and focused.

Your Core Values

Being humans, we make choices and decisions revolving wrong and right. Do you have your own negotiable and non-negotiable values? Your core values should be treated as a personal compass to drive your energy towards achieving your personal dreams and ambitions.

Your Visions

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in the position of giving up as we are challenged or compromised causing a pause or incompletion towards the goals we have set for ourselves. It is important to acknowledge the need to power through these goals as they are aligned to achieving your vision. By setting goals with a purpose, you are committing yourself to the path of your vision.

What does success look like to you?

Everyone’s view of success is different and unique in their own ways. Have you ever thought of what you would term as a success after you’ve achieved your vision? What is your end goal and something you would feel proud of yourself?

Your Priorities

Autopiloting comes often to us especially when we are in a daze going through our day but in order to maximize everyday to its fullest potential, it’s important to identify what you should prioritise more and less to put the right amount of your focus, time and energy into achieving your goal.

Your Long-Term goals

Long-term goals are meant to carry you to your vision. While crafting out these long-term goals, it’s important to make sure they are linear into achieving them.

To keep yourself more accountable to ensure you’re always on track, this planner includes segments allowing you to break down each of your long-term goals into short-term goals with 8 different key milestones. With this in mind, you are able to set realistic deadlines for yourself, track your progress and identify what worked and did not work for you throughout your journey.