Classic Edition: Planner

RM 98.00


Size: 135mm x 210mm
Hard Cover
Planner (≤ 150 pages)
Elastic Band Closure
Twin Loop Wire
General Pages
Pocket & Name Card Holder
Packaging & Gift Tag
Add-on: Gel Ink Pen
Add-on: Bookmark Ruler
Add-on: Personalised Name

Build your own
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Made to order, individually crafted personal notebook

Nothing exists until you place your order. From covers, inserts, down to securing it with a band, you are the master of your own creation.

Minimalist cover

Made of wood-free, high-strength FSC-certified pulp and surface coated with anti-fingermark treatment.

Flexible inserts combination

Adapt your own personal organisation style to our wide selection of inserts.

Mechanical twin loop wire binding

This is a proven working mechanism as it is durable and easily opened past the lay flat limit, ensuring that your notebook fully opens 360 degrees.

Beautiful tools to inspire

Add on with our uniquely design bookmark ruler and gel ink pen. A functional set of desk essential and professional staple in the office or study area.

Quality craftsmanship

We offer only the best possible materials and binding services that are skilfully done by our team of passionate artisans.

Make it personal

Inscribe your name or a quote you live by, it’s your notebook — the voice is entirely yours. Own it.


Cover Paper
125gsm Fedrigoni Imitlin (Italy) & 770gsm Eska Board (Netherlands)

Inserts Paper
90gsm Mohawk Super Fine Eggshell (USA)

End Paper
95gsm Fedrigoni Tintoretto Ceylon (Italy)

Pocket & Name Card Holder
250gsm Fedrigoni Materica Clay (Italy)

Bookmark Ruler
0.5mm White Opaque PVC

0.5mm Non-slip Grip Gel Ink Pen

Twin Loop Wire 3:1 Pitch