Gel Ink Pen—0.5mm

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What you put on paper is a reflection of you. The kind of ink you prefer to write, sign or think with is a personal choice, which is why this gel ink pen was designed with that freedom of self-expression in mind.


  • 0.5mm tip creates fine & precise lines
  • Refillable black gel ink
  • Matte, non-slip body & smooth writing feel
  • Available in 2 colours: Black or white

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Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pen
ana tomy Gel Ink Pen - Smooth Writing

Smooth writing experience

Gel ink pens are pens that work with the mechanism of gravity. As compared to ballpoint pens, the gel ink pens do not get smeared easily. Given that the ink flows freely, this gel pen can be used with more smoothness for your pleasant writing experience.

Matte, non-slip body feel

You enjoy handwriting. But sometimes writing may be ended up causing our hand to get tired much sooner than it should have when we pressed way too hard with the pens. We, too. That is why the gel ink pen was designed with a soft and matte body for the perfect comfort regardless of hand size or grip strength.

ana tomy Gel Ink Pen
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Weight50 g
Dimensions20 × 135 × 210 mm


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