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300gsm Watercolor (Cold Pressed)

rough texture with 100% cotton

Made in Netherlands. Natural white colour. Textured finish with 100% cotton content for best watercolour washes performance. Suitable for all types of dry and wet mediums.

100% Cotton Textured Finish / Acid Free / FSC certified

What is Cold Pressed Watercolor paper?

In a nutshell, the terms “Hot Pressed” and “Cold Pressed” refer to the paper’s surface finish or texture. Cold-pressed watercolor paper has a slightly textured surface, somewhere in between rough and hot-pressed paper. It is the paper used most often by watercolor artists because it is good for both not only large areas of wash but also as fine detail.

250gsm Mixed Media (100% Cellulose)

rough texture

Made in Italy. Bright white colour. Textured finish. Suitable for use with watercolour, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink wash, charcoal, pencil, alcohol markers and a variety of mixed media.

100% Cellulose / Textured Finish / Acid Free / FSC certified

What is Mixed Media Paper?

Mixed media is a versatile multipurpose product that combines the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of drawing papers.

140gsm Black Color Paper

uncoated / slightly smooth texture

Made in Spain. Great for all writing, sketching, drawing, scrapbooking or for making presentation and design portfolio or any other project using the colorful drawing pens for artists and designer or pencil colors.

Black Colour / Acid Free /  FSC-certified

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