Basic paper options

Not too fancy, just for daily usage


all blank

No obstruction, express your idea freely.

7mm Ruled

with time

Our ruled paper comes with a timeline; starting from 6am-4am. Perfect for day planning too.

5mm Dotted

with centimetre measurement

Dotted is somewhat in between ruled and grid. It gives you simple guide to draw and write. With the help of centimetre measurement, it lets you draw in exact size of an item.

5mm Grid

with centimetre measurement

Fancy for technical drawing? This is the right paper to choose. Comes with centimetre measurement for accurate size drawing.

7mm Ruled

with vertical red lines

Same as ruled, but a reminiscent of an old exercise book during high school.

Half Plain / Half Grid

with centimetre measurement

The best of both worlds. Free and organised.

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