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Aromatic Set

A series of firsts: Scented journal. Two unique scents. In collaboration with Lilin+Co.

For him

We use all 5 senses to perceive the world and retain that sensory information in our minds. Each of these senses alone can help to retrieve a moment from our memory. Combine them together and you have an on-demand time machine to your life.

The sight of your adventures. The writing of your experiences. The sound of rustling and the crack of the candle as you commit memory to paper. The smell of all that you have thought and said, present with you in a notebook and a candle.

These are not timeless products, they’re actually time-sensitive. But not in the way a deadline is. It’s supposed to be sensitive to a specific period of time in your life. All the memories you create will be tied to this particular scent.

Before the scent goes, as it must, create some memories for yourself. That way, each time you even catch a hint of this scent, memories can return to you. Before we go, here’s a little reminder from us to you:

The story presented about your tools will never be as important as the story you create with it.

What’s in the box

Set of 3 dividers     A5s scented clothbound journal (Pick 1)      Hand-poured scented soy wax candle (Pick 1)      Gift box packaging      Letterpress brand card      Tissue paper

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