Flexible inserts combination

ana tomy notebooks have a wide selection of inserts. It contains monthly schedule in block layout, a three page spread horizontal-ruled yearly planner that is split into twelve sections, which also acts as a monthly schedule. We also offer the basic collection of blank, ruled, dotted or grid inserts combination to choose from. The choice is entirely yours to create a notebook that is solely made for you.

General Pages

An assortment of much-loved general pages to ensure impeccable productivity. It comes standard on each notebook or planner.

In this pack
Introduction, space for your message, letterpress printed personal details, two spreads of world time zone map, international paper size chart and table of contents.

Annual Calendar & Year Plan

An assortment of calendars and basic planners to help you design your life.

In this pack
Few spreads of 2019 & 2020 annual calendar, two spreads of year overview, the past year review, plans for the year ahead, annual plans, professional and personal goal, things to accomplish this year, and the happy things list.

Basic Insert Papers

A selection of plain, ruled, dotted or grid inserts to choose from. Mix and match inserts the way you like to make jotting down your ideas as comfortable as possible.

In each pack
30 pages (30 pp.) of basic inserts


A to-do list and a habit tracker to manage day-to-day workflow or to log items that require follow-up. No booting time, passwords, or fingerprint scanning, it is fast and dead simple.

In this pack
12 pages (12 pp.) of to-do lists or habit tracker


An open-dated monthly and weekly schedule to record your progress. Be in control by having a bird’s eye view of the whole month right in front of you. Perfect for goal-setting and as time moves forwards, it holds the memory of everything you have accomplished.

In the Monthly Planner pack
54 pages (54 pp.) of monthly planners in open-dated format

In the Weekly Planner pack
106 pages (106 pp.) of weekly planners in open-dated format

Specialty Paper

A versatile sketchbook designed for the traveling artists in mind. These watercolour papers are specially imported from Italy.

Available in
14 pages (14 pp.) of 200gsm cold-pressed rough watercolour papers

10 pages (10 pp.) of 300gsm hot-pressed smooth watercolour papers (contains 50% cotton and watermarks)

Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper 200gsm

Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper 300gsm (50% Cotton)