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Meet William Draw a.k.a. Mr. William – a graphic designer and illustrator from Chile, South America. He’s obsessed with mystery novels, old Hollywood glamour, and satirical illustration.

Through his work, he wants to portray characters who are driven by appearances; living in a world interested in how we look and how rich or famous can we be. He thinks it’s twisted but also fascinating.


Photo by @mrwilliamdraw

ana tomy x William Draw’s FNF cover story 

Christina Swan is the star of this cover. She is an aspiring Hollywood actress who will do anything to get her dream role. Later that night, after a rehearsal she found a stylish but dead body on stage 17. She will have to solve how to get rid of the body and what she’ll be wearing at the premiere of her first movie.

William Draw's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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