Still having a lot to learn, Miloyeo is a multi media artist that focuses on illustration. She is very curious and has a wondering mind, her subjects often feature women and bodies. 
Melody Yeo

Photo Credit: Melody Yeo

Fascinated by the strange and unconventional, she draws from her imagination, what she sees in reality and in her dreams. This way, her art is a visual representation of her diary, every piece having a small, sometimes silly, sometimes sad, story behind.

ana tomy x Melody Yeo’s FNF cover story 

Miloyeo shares a personal story relating to her cover design:

“I wanted to draw a side profile of a woman as I had a strong image in my mind of sort of a Janus with her ear interlinking together with a white rabbit on the top, as sort of an homage to my grandmother, who told me that drawing white rabbits made one wiser.”

Photo Credit: @miloyeo

Melody's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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