Meet Marcos Kueh, a textile designer from Borneo with a background in graphic design and advertising. In his practice, Kueh refers to his ancestors who encapsulated their hopes, dreams and myths in their textiles. 

Photo Credit: Jiayue Li

His current work explores and speculates on what such traditional practices mean and look like in a contemporary context. This way, Kueh attempts to understand the significance of post-colonial independence and where our inherited values fit in contemporary life.

ana tomy x Marcos Kueh’s FNF cover story 

Kueh chose the medium of poetry to narrate the story of his FNF notebook covers.

Cover 1: Puteri Rafflesia Exotica
Royal nectar hard to despise, 
beautiful culture only for your eyes. 
Stinky habits, hard to exorcise,
under the gaze of tourists, just as advertised. 
Sometimes we like to self chastise,
making ourselves small,
a primitive high.
That my friend is the story I stylize,
the exotic art of blooming for flies.

Cover 2: Burung Melodie Rezeki 
Looking for teacher, turn to nature,
make sure you know this rule before you mature. 
When the forest speak, listen up and stop critic, 
from the squeaks to the shrieks,
maybe they’re telling me to fast for two weeks? 
Seven omen birds,
from afar they still preach,
an indigenous form of complicated speech.
But really there is so much to teach,
past knowledge, can we still try to reach?

Photo Credit: @marcoslah

Marcos's Pick

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