Meet Lee Jin, an illustrator based in Korea. His work has been featured as part of collaborations with various brands.

Lee Jin aspires to live life to the fullest and fill his days with new and delightful activities. Currently, he is looking into digital art and painting.


Photo Credit: @leejin468

He doesn’t believe that his art is supposed to represent a sense of grandeur. He only draws that which is enticing to him. For Lee Jin, the freedom to draw what he likes is important to him.

ana tomy x Lee Jin’s FNF cover story 

Most of Lee Jin’s paintings are made up of everyday things, which he believes has a certain charm that is friendly and affectionate. He thinks that his chosen artwork for the cover reflects this charm, and hopes that the people also enjoys what he likes.

Photo Credit: @leejin468

Lee Jin's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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