Meet illustrator and graphic designer, Joyce Lay Hoon Ho —aka Arty Guava— who lives and works in Vancouver. Memories of her childhood in Malaysia, nature, and dance are just a few sources of inspiration recognisable throughout her work. Featuring vibrant flowers, celebratory poses, and animals moving freely through the wild, her joyful designs are sprinkled with a hint of fantasy and convey a buoyant lust for life.

Photo Credit: Jiayue Li

Harmony. It is really important to me that everything exists in harmony. People living in harmony with each other, people living in harmony with nature, people living in harmony with the environment—people being in harmony with themselves.”
– Arty Guava 

ana tomy x Arty Guava’s FNF cover story 

The cover is entitled “Our Journey”. This piece is a celebration of our unique individuality and the power of community when we come together to work towards a brighter future. 
With one, it is tough, it is nearly impossible, 
With two, the weight is half, it is almost probable, 
Together, we will be unstoppable, 
Together, we can change the world.
I hope to fill the pages of this book with hopes for the future.

Photo Credit: @artyguava

Lay Hoon's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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