Meet Laura Giraud, a French illustrator based in Paris.

She shares soft moments of her everyday life through her art, pics and videos on Instagram. Her work is often described as tender, poetic and a little melancholic. If she had to make a list of things she liked the most on earth she would say : sunny days, pesto sauce, coffee, flowers and flea markets.

Photo Credit: Laura Giraud @nuiteejour

“A good quality sketchbook is fundamental to me, therefore I’m really honoured to be part of the F&F project initiated by Ana Tomy. I’m so excited to see the designs coming to life ! Voilà !”

ana tomy x Laura Giraud’s FNF cover story 

Laura create pictures by putting together delicate textures, colours and mediums. She likes to mix old pictures to colourful patterns or fragile pencil drawings, as she thinks it creates a kind of visual poetry.

Petit Jour

Nuitee Jour


Photo Credit: Laura Giraud @nuiteejour

Laura's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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