Meet Jiatong Liu, a Chinese-born illustrator who lives in London. As an illustrator, skilled in both digital Illustration and painting, Liu has developed a distinctive style that reflects the visuals of his wildest dreams. His ability to manifest the world from his imagination into these unique pieces makes him a true visionary. 
Jiatong Liu

Photo Credit: Jiatong Liu

ana tomy x Jiatong Liu’s FNF cover story 

The story of Jiatong’s cover is a personal one, revisiting nostalgia through art. Here is his anecdote:

“There are many good memories of me with my friends travelling around the seaside. These memories hover in my head like the waves of the sea calling and engulfing me. So, I drew this illustration to immortalise the good times my friends and I shared; walking on the sand and watching the sunset.”

Photo Credit: @ljtsecven

Jiatong's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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