FNF – Iri Iruksson

Meet Irina – a freelance illustrator and mural artist located in Paris, France. Fascinated with wild animals, plants and nature, she likes to create her own funky worlds and invent unusual and sometimes absurd narrative scenes to give a playful aspect to her artworks. Her illustrations are distinguished by a vibrant colour palette, eccentric characters, imperfect shapes and fun patterns.

Photo by @iruksson

ana tomy x Iri Iruksson’s FNF cover story 

“Skatepark” is inspired by the 2000s culture and her late teenage memories from her home town St.Petersburg. Irina tried to capture a very specific early summer feeling when everything seems possible and good things are coming. It’s a story of the era of new beginnings, cool friendships and absolute freedom.

Iri Iruksson's Pick

#AnaTomyFNF #CreatingHappiness

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