Want to see your artwork on our notebook? Join our Friends And Family (FNF) project.

We would like to share your creativity; your art; your identity or story, with your family and friends! This might be the start of something good.

About Friends & Family Project (FNF)

Owning an ana tomy has always been about the act of self-expression. We celebrate individuality at each stage of our product development and it has remained our focal point since founding the brand itself.

With our products, we hope to be able to draw out one’s creativity from imagination to fruition; to give each creative the resource and tools and a centerspread to showcase their thoughts, their journey to discovery, creativity, happiness; their identity.

Adventurer Alexander Supertramp (real name: Christopher McCandless) wrote that happiness is only real when shared. We feel the same! Hence why we founded the brand ana tomy and well, it does not stop there. We would like to share your creativity; your art; your identity, with your family and friends as well!

With our latest initiative, ana tomy Friends and Family (FNF) Project, we aim to collaborate with creatives from all walks of lives to showcase their art on ana tomy notebook covers. It is our honour to have your expression of self binded with ours.

Meet Our FNF collaborator

We team up with creators who use their passion and creativity to showcase their thoughts, their journey to discovery, creativity and happiness with ana tomy.

FNF: Valen Lim

Meet Valen Lim Chong Chin 林中雋 — a Kuala Lumpur-based graphic designer and illustrator. He dabbles in various fields, such as brand identity, print graphics, typography, and illustration. His works are heavily influenced by local heritage yet emboldened by a modernist flair.

FNF: Vanissa Foo

Meet Vanissa Foo — a Kuala Lumpur-based graphic designer and illustrator. She tells stories through the lens of “Humana”, a character of her own creation that allows her to freely explore the creative fantasies living in her mind.

FNF: Jiayue Li

Meet Jiayue Li — artist, illustrator, and graphic designer- born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. She is a graduate of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University in Shanghai, MFA Design / Design as Entrepreneur,  School of Visual Arts in New York.

FNF: Lay Hoon Ho

Meet illustrator and graphic designer, Joyce Lay Hoon Ho —aka Arty Guava— who lives and works in Vancouver. Memories of her childhood in Malaysia, nature, and dance are just a few sources of inspiration recognisable throughout her work. 

FNF: Marcos Kueh

Meet Marcos Kueh—a textile designer from Borneo with a background in graphic design and advertising. In his practice, Kueh refers to his ancestors who encapsulated their hopes, dreams and myths in their textiles. His current work explores and speculates on what such traditional practices mean and look like in a contemporary context.

FNF: Gabrielle Monceaux

Meet Gabrielle (but everyone calls her Gaby) — a French nomad designer and illustrator. As a proud vegetarian and intersectional feminist, social and environmental justice, as well as mental health awareness are at the core of her beliefs. 

FNF: Michelle Chen

Meet Michelle Chen (otherwise known as Michelle Cpy) — a graphic designer and illustrator based in Malaysia- who has formed a deep love in expressing her artistic creativity that revolves around mental health , self-love journey and most importantly – self acceptance. 

FNF: Kathy Lam

Meet Kathy Lam, originally hailing from Hong Kong — she currently resides in the UK and  has obtained a BA in illustration from the University of Brighton. Kathy loves painting adorable but grotesque animals with a sense of black humour to provide laughter for her audiences and herself. In 2015, she created her own shop – Dawning Crow, in an effort to sell her art pieces online.

FNF: Jiatong Liu

Meet Jiatong Liu —  a Chinese-born illustrator who lives in London. As an illustrator, skilled in both digital Illustration and painting, Liu has developed a distinctive style that reflects the visuals of his wildest dreams. His ability to manifest the world from his imagination into these unique pieces makes him a true visionary. 

FNF: Melody Yeo

Still having a lot to learn, meet Miloyeo—a multi media artist that focuses on illustration. She is very curious and has a wondering mind, her subjects often feature women and bodies. Fascinated by the strange and unconventional, she draws from her imagination, what she sees in reality and in her dreams. 

FNF: Laura Giraud

Meet Laura Giraud—a French illustrator based in Paris. She shares soft moments of her everyday life through her art, pics and videos on Instagram. Her work is often described as tender, poetic and a little melancholic. If she had to make a list of things she liked the most on earth she would say : sunny days, pesto sauce, coffee, flowers and flea markets.

FNF: Joey Wong

Meet Joey Wong a.k.a d’peculiar— a Penang-born artist who is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Her artworks often feature faces, hands, and other body parts captured in a surrealist and absurdist style. She cites her vivid imagination as the incredible driving force behind her painting, constantly producing unique artwork that visually piques the audience’s curiosity through hair-raising visuals.

FNF: Lee Jin 이진

Meet Lee Jin, an illustrator based in Korea. His work has been featured as part of collaborations with various brands.

Lee Jin aspires to live life to the fullest and fill his days with new and delightful activities. Currently, he is looking into digital art and painting.

FNF: Andrea Davalos

Meet Andrea Davalos (Falduda) – a Prague-based illustrator.

She draws inspiration from her nomadic upbringing in Mexico and her cravings for color that she developed when moving to Europe.  She describes her process and life as “controlled imperfection” and invites everybody to find joy and harmony in chaos.

FNF: Przemysław Sokołowski

Meet Przemek Sokolowski – a full time-designer and illustrator who left his studies in architecture to pursue his current profession. Przemek has been interested in graphic design since his high school days but wasn’t sure if graphic design would be his ‘ way of life’. 

FNF: Noémie Hay

Meet Noémie a.k.a Limistic – an illustrator and designer with an overflowing imagination. Graduated in artistic direction, she explores mediums and does not hesitate to invest her creativity in different techniques such as painting, coloured pencils, digital drawing, ceramics or even photography and video. 

FNF: William Draw

Meet William Draw a.k.a. Mr. William – a graphic designer and illustrator from Chile, South America. He’s obsessed with mystery novels, old Hollywood glamour, and satirical illustration. Through his work, he wants to portray characters who are driven by appearances; living in a world interested in how we look and how rich or famous can we be. He thinks it’s twisted but also fascinating.

FNF: Xiao Ming Tang

Meet Xiao Ming Tang – an illustrator who loves to blend weird people and dark humour together. His works are mostly based around society and the human behaviour. Xiao Ming gets his inspirations and ideas during his commute to work, observing everyday life pass by and seeing interesting people interact with one another.

FNF: Jayee Lim

Meet Jayee Lim – an illustrator from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia who’s currently working as an Art Director at Loka Made Gallery. She’s passionate about creating characters and building IPs. In addition to graphic illustrations, she also creates a series of short stories of Monkiddo and makes designer toys.

FNF: Martcellia Liunic

Meet Martcellia Liunic – an illustrator, art director and visual artist living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia. Martcellia is known for her colourful and whimsical animals, creatures, girl characters, as well as her doodle-like body of works. She works on gouache, acrylics and different mediums like murals, risography, and wearables. 

FNF: Beyza Durmus

Meet Beyza Durmus – a self taught illustrator and graphic artist based in Turkey. In their work, they like to combine things from their everyday life and their childhood, creating a colourful world to tone down the heavy subjects they work on such as depression, grief, mental health, disability, and queerness.

FNF: Gökçe Yigitcan

Meet Gökçe Yigitcan – the name behind Justhings, is an artist born and raised in Turkey, currently based in Singapore. She derives inspiration from emotions, women and nature with aiming the make the voices of them to be heard for a more liveable world. Her illustrations manifest this motto in feminine, eclectic, botanical and peaceful way.

FNF: Iri Iruksson

Meet Irina – a freelance illustrator and mural artist located in Paris, France. Fascinated with wild animals, plants and nature, she likes to create her own funky worlds and invent unusual and sometimes absurd narrative scenes to give a playful aspect to her artworks. Her illustrations are distinguished by a vibrant colour palette, eccentric characters, imperfect shapes and fun patterns.

FNF: Giuditta Bertoni

Meet Giuditta Bertoni – an illustrator and designer based in Milano, Italy. She studied anthropology, oriental languages and design. The main sources of inspiration for her art are the natural elements: the moody rain, the deep ocean, the intricate trees in a forest. She incorporates these themes in her feminine portraits, often made with digital pencils and other expressive brushes. She loves painting in contrasting colours, walking in the countryside, and listening to music.

FNF: Janejira Taechakampu

Meet Janejira Taechakampu – a Bangkok-based illustrator. The pen name ‘Jentwo’ comes from her double nickname Jen-Jen. She draws black-outlined forms and uses a vibrant color palette. Her works are inspired by retro collectibles, oldies music, and traveling. The former clients are Today at Apple, The Washington Post, WIRED Japan, and many more.

FNF: Okyviane Liunic

Meet Okyviane Liunic – a fulltime freelance multidisciplinary creative based in Jakarta, Indonesia. People call her Owi. Her work ranges from art direction, graphic design, illustration, motion, 3D, and augmented reality filters. Her work is mostly bright and playful. She like to explore different mediums and try new unfamiliar things. The jittery strokes and the neon colours often shown in her work. Owi also running an art collective studio called Press Pause Studio, selling art rugs, home decor and maybe some apparel in the future..

FNF: Irin Ariyatanaporn

Meet Irin Ariyatanaporn – a Thai architect and illustration’s doodler who’s passionate about variety of design disciplines (architecture, graphic design and murals art). Most of her illustrations are based with building’s geometry , doodle lines and sometimes sea creatures. The character that mostly pop up through her social media is called ” MR. DOLP ” , her imaginary dolphin friend 🙂

FNF: Heegyum Kim

Meet Heegyum Kim – an award-winning freelance illustrator with a passion for creating humorous, whimsical, and graphic illustrations of animals and nature. She specializes in children’s picture books and related matters, using shapes and colors to bring characters to life. Heegyum is originally from South Korea, and currently lives in New York with her husband and two corgis.

FNF: Prang Vipaluk

Meet Prang Vipaluk – a Bangkok-based visual communication designer who focuses on graphic design and illustration. Her work combines chaotic yet organised, vibrant details, reflecting her interests in systematic structure, machinery, and all things container.

How does it work?

Step 1

Style ana tomy notebooks in your own unique way.

Step 2

We make it for you

ana tomy will bring your creative interpretation of our notebook covers to life in limited quantity. You can give it away to your friends and family or even sell them on your platform.

Step 3

Share them with the world

Share your personal creative take on ana tomy notebooks on social media and more!

Ready to do this? Let's talk.

If you are a creator who is passionate about creating happiness in your life, we’d love to get to know you.

We’ll reach out within 48 hours (2 business days) to get started. ana tomy reserves the right to accept or reject any application at our sole discretion. Only shortlisted collaborators will be contacted.

Ready, set....

Team up with ANA TOMY today.

Join our FNF project

Notice: Only shortlisted collaborators will be contacted.


Friends and Family (FNF) project is ana tomy’s latest initiative. We aim to collaborate with creatives from all walks of life to showcase their art on ana tomy notebook covers.

It’s easy! Once we have approved your application, you’ll receive a cover template from us. All you need to do is style ana tomy notebooks in your own unique way. ana tomy will bring your creative interpretation of our notebook cover to life!

As long as you are 18 years old and above, own the copyright of the artwork, and the artwork submitted does not contain objectionable or offensive materials. We welcome all applications but reserve the right to accept or reject any application at our sole discretion.

No. It is completely free to participate.

Yes. We accept application from anywhere in the world except for Afghanistan, Israel, Palestinian Territory and Russia due to our delivery partner service.

For this project, we will produce a set of 5 customised FNF notebooks with your very own design on its covers (worth USD225). We don’t usually do customisation for covers at this low of a quantity as the production is quite labour-intensive, but we feel that the project is a really meaningful one for the creative community and it is the least we could do. 
No, there will be no monetary incentives involved for the FNF project.

For us, this potential collaboration is an investment of time, cost, and effort as we don’t usually do customisation for covers at low quantities. However, the notebooks are all yours. You are welcome to sell them if you’d like.
Of course, the copyright of the artwork belongs entirely to you. Please rest assured, your artwork will not be reproduced without your consent and permission. 
You may choose to keep the collection and/or gift them to your family, friends or even followers on Instagram.

Should you decide to sell your FNF notebooks, the suggested retail price for one of the notebooks is RM188(~USD45).

Nope, you don’t need to.

The complimentary set of customised notebooks with your artwork as covers will be delivered to you free of charge as well.
The notebooks will be for you and at your discretion; you can share them with your friends and family, give away to your fans, or even sell them! It is really up to you! 
  • Cross promote ana tomy on social media
  • Write about us on your blogs or articles
  • Share your exclusive FNF cover notebook to your family, friends and fans!
• Do not false advertise ana tomy in any manner
• Do not submit artwork design with inappropriate or immoral contents.
  • X Indecent or vulgar contents
  • X Violent or cruel contents
  • X Content that damage the reputation of or cause other harm to third parties
  • X Antisocial contents
  • X Other contents that we deem to be inappropiate
• Do not submit unauthorised contents that infringe on third party rights
  • X Names, portraits, photographs, and/or other contents of celebrities, entertainers, and famous characters.
  • X Photographs of other individuals (person identifiable)
  • X Names, brand names, logos and/or other contents which express famous companies and famous brands
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