After spending a significant amount of time abroad, Lock Yi feels inspired by the diverse cultures in the city and started expressing surrealism through dreamy portraits. She describes how the spontaneous sense of humour with social commentary has evolved throughout her artworks.


You grew up in Malaysia and moved to Beijing. How do you like living in the neighbourhood?

It’s been great, although it’s a rather busy, fast-paced city. The rich culture (both traditional and modern) somehow influenced my digital work.

How did you develop an interest in your art?

As far as I can recall, I think it’s from my mom. She gave me a mooncake box full of colour pencils & paper and taught me to draw and colour matching (that’s like an iPad for me at that time). Since then, my interest in art has never stopped growing.

How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

Surrealism. Mainly portraits in a dreamy state, some are the combination of humour with social commentary.

Is there a running theme on the work you create? Or, more to the random expression on whatever comes to mind?

Mostly some random inspirations or feelings at that moment. Especially during this pandemic break, I have the opportunity to self-reflect and document my emotions.

Mind to walk us through your processes in creating your art?

Form idea > create preliminary sketch > get reference pictures > and start drawing in Photoshop.

What kinds of ideas and things you’re working on at the moment? 

No specific theme but there are still quite some portrait sketches that I haven’t completed. Stay tuned for the updates.

Besides, MāoQí is an upcoming project with a friend of mine (not an illustration but might have some crossover later on haha). Ultimately, we wish to raise funds for animal shelters by sharing some cute cat characters. 

Can you imagine taking a separate path?

I have given thoughts about it, but currently my focus remains to be video production and digital illustration as my hobby. Well, I definitely would be interested to venture into a new path when an opportunity arises. 

Where can we see more of your work? 

Haha. Currently, I only upload all my illustrations to my Instagram. I might upload them to different platforms in the future.

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