Janice Sung, an independent illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Canada, shares her stories about the experiences that have shaped her; the trials and challenges that have tested her.

Introduce yourself in 3 words.

cute, hungry, and ambitious

How would you describe your style?

“Always changing”. At the beginning of my journey, I wanted to establish a style so badly. I wanted all my pieces to be coherent and to follow a certain look but I’ve come to realize… that’s just not me. I love learning, exploring, and playing around with different styles, it’s what makes art so much fun! My style changes as my taste/interests change. This is why I encourage other artists to change it up as well. It refreshes the mind and broadens your skills in the long run.

Are you an impulsive person?

I wouldn’t consider myself an impulsive person but I occasionally have impulsive tendencies haha.

"Change can be a beautiful thing. "

How’s your relationship with your sketchbook?

Unfortunately, not a good one. I don’t sketch very often at all. I think it’s because my perfectionism gets in the way. Sketching is supposed to be a guilt-free activity, you’re supposed to be able to explore, draw without too much thought, and be unafraid to make mistakes. That’s something I struggle with as I can’t seem to get myself to casually sketch without being fixated on each drawing, so I’d rather just go straight to painting haha.

What gives you a rush in your process?

When I have a good idea and my initial sketch looks good, that’s when I have a good feeling the finished piece will turn out how I want it to, and that gets me excited to finish.

What have been the challenges and highlights of going solo?

I think just getting over the fear of not succeeding. Not being able to make my parents proud always worries me. Although I know they’ll love me no matter what, I want to show them I can go above and beyond their expectations. That’s what keeps me going.

How does your audience relate to your artwork?

I think everyone interprets my artwork differently. However, because I draw so many portraits I think people see a little bit of themselves in some of my paintings.

If you’re given a 10ft canvas, what would you do with it?

I’m always in awe of those huge renaissance oil paintings in art museums so if I had a 10ft canvas and a ton of time, I’d do a renaissance inspired piece.

How do you see change?

Change can be a beautiful thing. When it comes to my art especially, every time I get inspired to change my style, I get so excited. I love being able to expand my knowledge and skills. At the end of the day, seeing my artwork in a different style is refreshing and it makes being an artist that much more fun.

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