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FNF – Gökçe Yigitcan

FNF – Gökçe Yigitcan

Meet Gökçe Yigitcan - the name behind Justhings, is an artist born and raised in Turkey, currently based in Singapore.
She derives inspiration from emotions, women and nature with aiming the make the voices of them to be heard for a more liveable world. Her illustrations manifest this motto in feminine, eclectic, botanical and peaceful way.
Photo by @justhings_art
ana tomy x Gökçe Yigitcan's FNF cover story 
The cover is called 'On The Way'
In this design, the lines represent our individual journey with all ups and downs, and the flowers represent the moments we discover ourselves and bloom in different colours on different phases of this journey.
Putting thoughts into words is perhaps the most powerful tool that enlightens our way and clears our minds.

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