Binder Series

Premium customisable binder has found a new form. Designed with both style and function in mind, the Binder Series is the perfect way to keep your customisable journal and phone at hand. Made of specially-tanned genuine leather and a Swiss-made 6-hole ring binder, this refillable leather binder will be your journal to-go in the coming years.

Binder in A5s

You’re constantly juggling activities and schedules. You want the freedom to change whenever you need, however you want, for as often as you like, constantly making changes down to the single page of your book. If that’s the value you live by, by all means, the Binder leather notebooks is for you.

Add-on for Binder Notebooks

Add on a ribbon marker of a set of dividers to improve your productivity.

A singular product. Millions of possibilities.

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