The anatomy of a
personalised notebook

Adventure starts here.

The ability to be completely in control of producing a physical notebook born out of an idea can now be easily reached by hand — literally. Pick a cover, select the inserts, mix and match the accessories to make it your own.

Twin Loop Wire
Elastic Band
Personalised Name
Bookmark Ruler
Gel Ink Pen


Choose a cover design that resonates with your personality is the first step in housing your thoughts. The covers are made of wood-free, high-strength FSC-certified pulp and surface coated with anti-fingermark treatment. It is innately designed from a blank canvas of your own idea.

Oyster White

Moonstone Beige

Galaxy Black

Planterium Blue

Chambray Blue

Hunter Green

Saffron Yellow

Bordeaux Red




You may adapt your own personal organisation style with our wide selection of inserts. Pick from the basic collection of blank, ruled, dotted, grid inserts or consider extending it to our planner. We understand the constant need to purge our thoughts demands an output in written form. Mix and match inserts the way you like to make jotting down your ideas as comfortable as possible.

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Twin Loop Wire

Double looped wire is fed through the punched holes and then crimped to secure the pages. It opens fully 180 degrees and is highly durable even after numerous page flickering. Select the perfect colour for the twin loop wire in making your preferred notebook design.

Elastic Band

It is all about personality. We provide an array of popping coloured bands for you to choose from to add that ‘oomph’ to your minimalist notebook. Wrap it horizontally or vertically; style your coloured elastic band your way to achieve that modest facade.

Tools to Inspire

Add on with our uniquely design detachable bookmark ruler and gel ink pen. A functional set of desk essential and professional staple in the office or study area.

Personalised Name

There is a bold stance of ownership for foil stamping a name on a personalised notebook cover. It’s almost like pronouncing one’s presence in bold fonts. It is truly one-of-a-kind, striking and impactful — perfect for safekeeping.

Thoughtful Gift Package

It comes with a minimal yet thoughtfully designed packaging to house your personalised notebook and accessories securely. We hope to extend the experience to the moment of you or your recipients unboxing the notebook.

Nothing exists until you place your order and the production process begins.

Get involved — we want you to be part of the whole creation.