ana tomy and Peanuts™
bring limited-edition

customisable gift set

ana tomy and Peanuts have revealed their first collaboration on a special collection titled “We love Peanuts™“. It consists of customisable ana tomy book, personalisable letterpress bookmark notecard, tote bag, and a Furoshiki gift wrapping exclusive for the first 100 customers.

In this ana tomy x Peanuts™ collection, ana tomy book has turned into a feature piece with 60 customisable polaroid-sized artworks over the 15 base covers. Each ana tomy book will come with a gift packaging and an exclusive booklet full of stories and stickers. Continuing with the ana tomy’s DNA, all books will feature customisable elements including the papers, accessories, and monograms, which can be made into a planner, notebook, sketchbook, recipe book, and more.

In addition to the collection comes a bookmark notecard, which also doubled as a personalisable birthday card. It is full of genuinely funny—also pretty dark—humour mixed with thought-provoking and intensely dramatic scenes. All the cards are letterpress printed by The Alphabet Press, the purveyor of traditional craftsmanship who progressively makes letterpress relevant in modern society. Customers can mix and match from the 31-day bookmark notecards and 12-month button badges to truly reflect their birthday.

“The genius of Peanuts is that it is deceptively casual but deeply profound. It is always the unassuming things in life that get to us, isn’t it? That’s how I got hooked to the strips.”
said ana tomy Co-Founder, Zeejay Wong.

The ana tomy everyday tote bag features 6 strap colours and 45 customisable artworks. Customers can opt to personalise their favourite design and embroidered monogram up to 12 letters. ana tomy artisans will then transfer the selected artwork on the tote individually using the heat press technique.

“I am excited to see the many different design possibilities being created by our customers through the ana tomy x Peanuts collection. This collaboration is unusually meaningful because of the powerful personality from the appeal of Snoopy and his gang.” added Cliff Leong, the Co-Founder of ana tomy.

“The key takeaway is no one will ever see you the way you see yourself, you might as well build your world around fantasy, create the person you want to be and live it up. I believe this is probably the most customisable Peanuts collection ever.”

Peanuts characters are inspired by real people and events in the creator of late Charles Schulz’s life. But it is in the masterful strokes of Schulz that carried the very essence of each character and their view of life that makes it human, nuance, and with all its quirks.

“I’m grateful that Peanuts helped me see the world with infinite possibilities when the simple concept seemed out of reach. It is my pleasure and honour to show you my love for the Peanuts gang through ana tomy. Enjoy!” said Zeejay.

ana tomy x Peanuts collection is available starting 10 December 2021 at, and only available from 16 December 2021 onwards at ana tomy store in The Zhongshan Building. For more information, visit

About ana tomy

Simplicity, diversity, and inclusivity are the core of the ana tomy brand, in our products and the way that we interact with our customers. Our goal was to create multiple access points for the same product—a diversity of ways for people to participate because we design with a spectrum of audiences and lifestyles in mind. To us, the true value of a product is not measured by how beautiful it is but by how much value it brings you.

About Peanuts

On October 2, 1950, Charles M. Schulz introduced a brand-new comic strip with an unlikely round-headed hero, “Good ol’ Charlie Brown.” PEANUTS was born. Soon, readers came to know and love a whole cast of indelible young characters: philosophical Linus and his crabby big sister Lucy; piano-playing Schroeder; attention-grabbing Sally; pals Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Pigpen and his famous dust cloud. But no one stole the show quite like Snoopy, the coolest beagle on the planet. From humble beginnings in just seven U.S. newspapers, PEANUTS grew to become not only the best-loved comic strip in history, but a true global phenomenon.

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