A.N.A. Design

A.N.A also known as Adaptable Notebook Architecture. We developed this system to cater for the ever-changing lifestyle of modern living. We want our customer to be able to change the way of using the book, from some work related note taking to something more sentimental like express your creatvity through drawing. With this in mind, we want cusotmer to change their insert papers in no time.

That’s the reason why our cover is detachable from the insert paper stack. You can remain your current cover and change it to something that you prefer to work on at that particular point of time without getting a whole new book. This also allow our customer to change their insert papers once they finished it with half of price of the original notebook.

With this system, cusotmer can also change their cover during their mid-term use as a refreshing look can be very motivating. The customisation doesn’t end on our ‘Book Creator’, it follows you and it’s part of you when you are using it continuously. We write, because it’s right.

How it works

Example Scenario

Michelle's ana tomy Arrangement

We are Cliff, Zeejay, and Fidella. Hands down, we love creating. In 2016, we created ana tomy — a space to customise and personalise your notebook and stationery. We celebrate diversity and encourage individuality because we accept weirdness is the source of our character and creative powers. Weird is who we are, the best parts, not perfect, not trying — just ourselves. That is why we believe in a personalised future.

Adaptive to your life

Beneath the minimal appearance of ana tomy notebook, we want you to enjoy the comfort of writing by the appeal of the material itself. The constant need to purge our thoughts demands an output in written form. We think a notebook that enables us to write, sketch, and scribble remains unchanged for centuries. It is a powerful tool to arm your thoughts, daily agenda or business endeavour proposals.

We are obsessed with every detail of every single product — each rivet, band, material and paper has been sourced, selected, and chosen by us. We source materials from the most reputable suppliers across the globe, then marry contemporary technology with long-established practices. Through this, we hope to achieve a notebook that is timeless and able to withstand the test of time.