Mother’s Day this year will be different from what we’ve experienced before. While our love for our mother stays the same, a new kind of situation requires us to think outside of the box.

We all want to give mom something special each year.

Here’s a list of everything moms love to make it the most unique Mother’s Day ever. You included.

Goodpair Socks
What’s better than a pair of cute, creative, yet comfy socks that’s soft on on the skin for Mother’s Day? Not only will moms feel good for how perfect they fit, they’ll always think about you when they put it on. If you’re thinking of getting a pair of uniqueness for mom, then you shouldn’t miss out on Goodpair Socks. Find out why people love them so much.

20% OFF. Promo code: GOODANA
Minimum spend RM40. Valid from 1 May – 12 May 2020.

Sometimes, the best gifts for anyone is something they’d look good in. For women, jewellery brings out the best in their identity and personality. The same goes for every mom on the planet. Let her elegance forever shine in timeless pieces that match her soul. Wanderlust carefully designs their jewellery to fit for all occasions. Ideal for moms that look for beauty in simplicity.

30% OFF. Promo code: WCOANATOMY30
For full price items, excludes personalisation. Valid until 15 May.

A little dessert (or a big one) can sweeten up the whole mood. It’s fun, it looks pretty, not to mention it’s crazy delicious. As for those who haven’t had a cake in ages, this is the best time for it! Mom? Surprised. Cravings? Satisfied. All in one go. See what’s bakin’ at Caketogether.

10% OFF. Promo code: ANATOMY10
Valid until 30 May 2020.

Lilin + Co.
Ever had a curated scent that reinvigorates your mind when you walk past a certain place? Scented candles can liven up whole space through the sense of smell and also bring warmth into a home. An inviting feeling that moms would love. Lilin+Co handmakes bespoke scented candles to your preference. Not to mention they’re ecofriendly, natural, yet affordable. Get one that truly resonates with your mom today.

Free local shipping (Malaysia)
For purchases above RM150 (West Malaysia) / above RM170 (East Malaysia).
No promo code needed.

Ficus & Jars
Terrariums are tiny living forests usually in a sealable glass container. Moms can take some time off and observe the little changes in it every day. She might even find a new sprouting plant. They’re not only an aesthetic to have, but they bring the green into your home. Not to mention they’re a great way to calm a soul. Check out Ficus & Jars for more info!

20% OFF. Promo code: PLANTLADY
For purchases RM100 & above. Valid until 9 May 2020.

It’s no secret that when it comes to any special occasions like Mother’s Day, bouquets will always be the top choice. Flowers have always symbolised a mother’s love and beauty. Bouquets these days have modern aesthetics that appeal to women of any age. BloomThis has a variety of gifts made just for moms and all kinds of superwomen. Check them out!

10% OFF. No promo code needed.
On Mother’s Day Collection. Valid until 10th May

ana tomy Recipe Book
When we think of mom, there’s no denying that most of us would find her dishes nostalgic. We bet a lot of us right now miss our mom’s cooking… They always serve up the warmest meals for us since we’re young kids. For some, they might still cook for the family. But behind every one of their dishes lies their secret recipe. And what better gift to send them than a journal to keep all their formulas of secret dishes.

2 books at 20% OFF. Promo code: ILOVEMOM
Valid until 8 May 2020.

ana tomy Personalised Journal
We all miss mom. Especially for those separated from their families because of the pandemic. It’ll be some time before they can actually see each other again. Besides phone and video calls, do you ever wonder what else is going on for mom for the rest of the day?

Neither does she. Why not jot down every meaningful moment in a day so when you finally see her again, you can make an exchange.

It’ll be a warm moment when both are reading each other’s journals. Sharing thoughts with a smile on each other’s faces, together. Like how Mother’s Day should be.

We thought it would be unique to have a gift with a meaningful story behind it. Two separate journals that would be completed once reunited. 

That’s why we’re having a Twin Pack promo of ana tomy’s notebooks. So you could get it for both you and the superwoman of your life. 

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